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(Last Updated On: April 19, 2020)

Today I am going to review Amazon India Affiliate Program, how to sign up for it and earn commission. You will learn How to earn money online using Amazon India Affiliate Program. Friends just to remind you, that I have earlier explained you about the various online opportunities. Through these opportunities one can earn money online. I have also explained you about the some of the very popular alternatives to the Adsense.

Today I will elaborate on one of the key opportunities of earning money online. After reading this article you will be able to understand broadly about what is affiliate marketing program. You will also learn about Amazon India Affiliate Program, how to register and use it effectively. I will also tell about payment methods, authenticity of the program, popular and fast selling products of Amazon. In the end I will tell about various important aspects which one should keep in mind while using this Program.

What is Affiliate Marketing Program?

First, I will tell you briefly about the Affiliate marketing program so that newbie can also understand about the whole concept which I am discussing in this article. Online Affiliate Marketing Program is a sort of partnership where you become an affiliate or will officially connect to a larger player. You will generate leads or refer customer towards the larger body. The sale will be executed by the larger player only and you will get money for generating the lead or for the referral.

Affiliate Marketing Program is a very popular mechanism used by all big players of Online Shopping. Be it Flipkart, Snapdeal or Amazon, all are using affiliate program and this is one of the most popular and effective method of online marketing. Today I will tell you about Amazon India Affiliate Program simply because it is the most popular and trusted affiliate program of India.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Now coming to the topic of this article first I will tell you about what is Amazon and what is its Affiliate Program? Amazon is the largest online shopping store of the world. Originally it was started in USA but later on it has spread its wings over many other countries. In India too Amazon has started its operation a few years back. Today it is the largest online shopping portal of India.

Through Amazon Affiliate Program you can become an associate of Amazon. To become an associate or affiliate of Amazon you need to have a blog or website through which you can market Amazon’s products and can earn hefty commissions. You can sell anything through your website or blog as almost all the products are available on Amazon portal.

In India Amazon offers very handsome commission or incentive to its affiliate. Its commission ranges from 4% to 12% depending on the various kinds of products. For example if you sell a mobile phone of say of Rs. 10000, you can earn Rs. 400 however if you sell a Bajaj Cooler Fan of Rs. 10000, you can earn Rs. 1000. Therefore you will be required to choose the products wisely.

amazon india commission structureHere I am providing you list of commission offered by Amazon on various products. Friends, even if you start your own online business you may find it difficult to earn as much profit after considering all the overheads and operational issues. Here you can sell any product and thereafter entire responsibility will be of Amazon only.

To join for the Amazon India Affiliate Program you need to create an account on Amazon portal and will be required to submit details of your website or blog. After registration normally the request is being approved within 24 hours. Once approved, you can generate the product codes as per the requirement. You can place the codes at suitable places on your website or blog and can start earning money whenever anyone purchases a product through the link.

For your convenience I am telling you stepwise process for creating an Amazon Affiliate account. There is a three step process:

  • Create an account on Amazon India affiliate program
  • Provide account information including payment details and PAN number
  • Provide your website or blog detail

amazon india sign up procedure

How to Monetize as an Amazon Affiliate?

Once you have registered with Amazon India Affiliate Program now the next step is to understand how to monetize or how to start earning money from it. Here I would like to give you a word of caution, do not just think about making money. If you are working with sole aim of earning money then you may find it difficult. The primary objective should be to provide the quality contents on your website or blog and if you are doing it then money will automatically come through this affiliate program.

Like blogging you will be required to do a lot of research here and will be required to select your niche which will depend upon king of website or blog you are running. Thereafter you should select products which are very popular and are suitable for the visitors of your website or blog. For example if your blog is related to fitness you can select product such as T shirts, shoes, fitness equipments etc. Similarly if your blog is on gadgets you can select products such as mobile, laptops, camera etc and so on.

There is actually no limit as almost every product is available and you can choose it depending on the subject matter of your website or blog. Only thing which is required is to select your niche properly and accordingly select right and fast moving products.

Once you select your niche and products, the next step will be to get links, banners, images, and widgets for your site. You can create separate pages and sections in your website or blog for online shopping, you can write review on products or you can simply paste the codes in the articles which are related to those products. There are enormous possibilities. The more you work on it the more innovative ideas will come to your mind.

There is one special feature of Amazon which I would like to tell you and this feature will give you a lot of comfort and reason for joining Amazon India Affiliate Program. In this program if a visitor follows your affiliate link to land on Amazon India website and purchase any product from the site, you will get a commission out of it. This means that visitor need not purchase only that product which you are displaying on your website or blog. Any visitor who is referred through your website and who gets converted into a buyer will be considered as your referral only.

How payments are being done by Amazon?

Amazon India Affiliate Program is one of the most trusted affiliate programs on the web. In transparency and trust you can rate it as high as that of Adsense. If you are using Adsense then you will surely understand what I mean.

amazon india payment process

Once you have earned anything through this program your money is as safe as it is in your bank account. The minimum payout is Rs. 1000. The payment is being made after about 60 days after the end of each month. However if there are returned goods then you will not be paid for that. You will be paid only for those products which are finally sold through your referral

As I have told while registering you have to provide the details of your account along with IFSC code and other details to Amazon. The payment will be directly credited to your bank account by the Amazon.

How to Select a Profitable Niche?

To earn a high income from Amazon India Affiliate Program it is very vital to select right Niche. In other words you have to select right as well as fast moving products which are suitable for your portal. I will tell you how can do it effectively.

Visit the Amazon website and note down all the relevant departments or categories. When you open Amazon website you will find that near the search bar there is dropdown where ‘ALL’ is written. After opening the dropdown you will found various categories of products. Now find out the products under the chosen category which offers more commission and also choose the products which are best selling.

When you will navigate in the category you will find bestsellers products in the category. You can easily find out the best selling products of the category. You can also search the bestsellers products by simply searching in the search box by writing name of category along with the word and bestsellers.

amazon india best sellers
                            A High Rated Product Example

Further apart from best sellers you should also see the ratings of the products. Choose only those products which have star rating of more than 4. Also look for products which are of high MRP as you will get more commission on such products.

Once you select products in this way it will help you a lot and your products will sell like hot cakes. Please understand that Amazon has already done research on such products and has declared them bestseller and has given them high ratings. Such products will sell even more quickly on your website or blog. The market for such products is already established and a little push from your side will convert them into sale.

Here I am providing a list of some of the very fast moving niche/categories:


Smart Phones

Baby Products

Ladies Fashion Products

Weight Loss Products


Necessity Items

Concluding Tips on How to make best use of Amazon India Affiliate Program?

I hope by now you have a lot of clarity on the topic. The purpose was to provide in depth information so that it can benefit you to the maxim. Before concluding the topic I would like to give you some more important tips which I have learnt by experience. Till now whatever I told you are the methods and ways through which you can join and make best use of Amazon India Affiliate Program.

Now I will tell you what more can be done to improve further. Friends, if you really want to earn good money from Amazon India Affiliate Program for a long term you need to provide quality contents on your website or blog. Amazon is the biggest and most trusted online shopping portal of the world. It is already well established in India. The visitors coming to your blog or website are already well aware about Amazon.

If you can provide some guidance, recommendation, reviews etc. about these popular products it will work as a push for the visitors. This way you can easily sell the products and can earn a lot of money. You can also compare your product with other competitor products and provide reasons why your product is better.

Post Your Queries on Amazon India Affiliate Program

There are many ways through which you can write your articles and posts and can push the products to your visitors. Please do not compromise with the quality contents and quality of the products. Such approach will help you to establish your trust among your visitors and your visitors will come to website again and again. For any query on this topic you can post your comments as always and I would love to respond.

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