Benefits of Tennis – Why Lawn Tennis is The Best Sport

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2019)

In this post I am going to tell you about Benefits of Tennis. If you are already in love with tennis or thinking about start playing it you will surely like this article. I am going to tell you a few top reasons why tennis is one of the best sports and what are the benefits one gets by playing it. 

There are many other sports which keep us healthy such as running, biking, swimming, football, basketball etc. However there are a few sports which have been scientifically proven as the most effective ways to stay healthy and these are mainly racquet sports such as Badminton, Squash and Lawn Tennis. As per one research racquet sports reduce the risk of death by 47 per cent compared to doing nothing.

benefits of tennis

So in short you must understand that Tennis is one sport which can keep you really fit. Let us now discuss benefits of tennis:-

Full Body Movement and Workout

Tennis helps you to involve your full body while playing it. Your legs, waist, arms, shoulders, neck, thighs and your heart & brain, all are involved when you are playing tennis. Sports like running and cycling are also very good but they provide workouts for very specific areas of the body, predominantly in the legs and hips.

To become a good tennis player you need to also do some workout in gym and should also do some running. This will help you to gain strength and quick feet movement which is very much required in Tennis. 

So to become a good Tennis player you have to follow a strict routine and practice a lot. All these things will not only help you to become a better player but also a good and fit human being.

It makes your body very flexible

Tennis helps you to make your body very flexible. When you play tennis you have to run all over the court and not only flexibility and agility is required but you also need to have a good hand – eye coordination. Long rallies test your endurance and your feet movement. Good thing is that after every game you have some time to rest and ponder over what you are doing and how to do even better. This sport helps you to remain fit and flexible provided you play it regularly.

Less chances of Injuries 

Tennis is much more safer compared to other sports. Do not overdo it and you will not have any injury ever. Sometimes you may have muscle pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain etc. but with proper stretching and workout you can easily tackle all these small issues. With proper care you can play this game throughout your life and it will help you to remain fit forever. It can be started at an early age say 2-3 years and can play as long as you live. You will be surprised to know that there are many lucky tennis players who are playing it even after crossing 100 years of age. There are very few games which you can play as long as this.

It reduces stress and controls your anger

All of us faces tough situations in our personal and professional life. If you are having stress or you are getting angry because of any issue go to the court and relieve your stress by hitting the tennis balls as hard as you can. All your stress and anger will vanish.  

It Helps in Building Teams and Social Network

Tennis helps you to be in contact with many others who are having similar mindsets and play frequently. Kids learn to play in teams which builds their character and brings responsibility in children. 

Tennis is also a family sport. Husband, wife and kids all can play together. So this sports brings many kinds of opportunities to be together with your near and dear ones while playing.

Tennis makes you Mentally Tough and helps you to become a better person

Tennis teaches you a lot. Long rallies and matches makes you a mentally tough person. You learn the skills of decision making, patience and how to remain calm in tough situations. This is such a wonderful sport that it makes you stronger both physically and mentally. With these kind of abilities you can become a much better person.

Conclusion: I am sure that after reading the article you will surely like to play this wonderful sport which has so much for all of us. There are so many benefits of tennis which you will learn once you start playing it. 

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