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Today I will tell you about importance of good backlinks and how to get, generate, build or create quality backlinks fast and absolutely free for your website or blog. Backlinks are one of the crucial ingredients of SEO. In this article my objective will be to give you comprehensive knowledge about the topic. It is a very vast topic and many books are written on it. However my effort will be to tell you about the topic in such a manner that it can help you in a very short time. As a blogger I understand the value of your time so I need to keep it compact yet informative.

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I will cover in this topic the meaning and importance of backlinks and how backlinks are important for bloggers and website owners. I will also tell how we can build, get or create quality backlinks. Generally it is considered that backlinks are a major source of increasing traffic to your blog or website. But if you ask me I will say that they are major source of building trust and a major factor for improving search engine ranking of your blog or website.

meaning of backlinks

Obviously traffic is very important but more than traffic our aim should be to build trust. We should aim for improving search engine ranking of our website or blog on a constant basis. Backlinks helps in achieving such objective. Once you achieve this objective, traffic will automatically come. Here I would like to quote a famous saying ‘Money is by product of a business driven by passion’. Similarly traffic is by product of the trust shown by search engines in your website or blog. Once you develop it the traffic or money will automatically start coming.

This article is important for both newbie and my experienced friends. Newbie should surely try using backlinks and experienced people should hunt for improving on it. Let us now first understand about what exactly a backlink is.

What are backlinks and what is their importance in SEO?

If you are not aware about backlink please do not worry. It is very easy to understand what a backlink is. Backlink is a very common term used in web world, particularly when we talk about SEO. New blogger or even experienced bloggers sometimes wonder what it is. As a blogger you should know about it and also about its importance. It is a very good tool for the SEO. Backlink is the link which a website gets from some other website. Although it sounds very simple but it has a lot of importance. Backlinks make a huge impact on the credibility of a website.

When we talk about to create quality backlinks, we must understand that it should be natural. Backlinks should not be artificial, it should be natural. One example of natural backlink is that your content is so powerful that others start linking your website. There are various ways in which we can also create quality backlinks in a natural way. I will discuss about creation of backlinks in the later part of the article.

As I told you that backlink is a link one website gets from another website. Backlinks make a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results. This is why they are considered very useful for improving a website’s SEO ranking. Search engines calculate rankings using multiple factors to display search results. No one knows for sure how much weight search engines give to backlinks when listing results; however what we do know for certain is that they are very important.

Backlinks should be natural; this means that a website must not use artificial ways to create backlinks for their own websites. The quality of links is far more important than the quantity.

Here I am providing you an example which will help you to understand backlink in a better way.

Example: Suppose you are running a travel blog let us say You are providing information about various places and are writing in details about various aspect of travelling. Now there is another big and established website, which is in the business of writing reviews on various travel destinations. Now the website provide link of your website for some useful information which you have provided. This is called a natural backlink. Because the website has linked your site just because it feels that your site is the right source for the information. Such links are highly valuable, natural and very useful for your website or blog.

To elaborate more on backlinks I would like to tell you that backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. When a website or a web page links to some other web page it is known as backlink. It was a very important ranking factor with all the major search engines earlier. And it is still a very important ranking factor.

Let us now talk about the other benefits and importance of backlinks. As I already told you that it is a major ranking factor for search engines. Any web page which is having quality backlinks is likely to have better search engine ranking. Please note that as metrics of search engines keep on changing. Earlier artificial backlinks and even backlinks from low quality websites helps in improving ranking. But now the situation is not like that. If you really want to get benefit of backlinks your objective should be to get quality backlinks from good sites.

Getting poor backlinks will do more harm than good. If you have good quality natural backlinks the indexing of your site will improve. The indexing with search engines will be done on a prominent basis. The traffic on your website will improve if you have backlinks from popular sites. The credibility and trust of your website or blog will also improve manifolds. Your objective should not be to get high number of backlinks but it should be to get quality backlinks.

How to build, get or create quality backlinks: I hope now you have understood the importance of backlinks. Now the question is how to create quality backlinks. While it is easy to create backlinks it is difficult to create quality backlinks. Our objective here is to create only quality backlinks. As I have already told you that poor or ordinary backlinks will only harm hence there is no point in discussing it.

There are numerous ways for creating quality backlinks. Rather than providing you numerous ways for creating backlinks I will tell you only most effective ways. In the next few para I will tell you ways of creating quality backlinks and how to do it.

Submit Guest Post to popular blogs: You can write articles and posts for other popular blogs which are already established. If you have writing skills you can select blogs related to your niche. You can write posts for them and at the same time create backlinks for your blog. Once you develop a good repo you can post articles regularly to other blogs and websites. Some blogger may ask, what is the point in wasting time in writing posts for other blogs? Let me tell you it is not a waste of time this can take your blog to greater heights. Because when you do this you get inbound backlinks from these popular websites. This helps in improving ranking of your blog. Some of the blogs which accept guest posts are, daily blogging tips,, the etc.

Posting in Popular forums: Register with popular forums relevant to your blog. Create new threads and keep on posting regularly. Also posts links of your blog posts in your comments occasionally. Please do it carefully. If you join any forum solely for the purpose of creating backlinks it is very likely that they may ban you. Use it wisely and first develop your reputation there. Thereafter slowly you can start creating your backlinks.

Blog Commenting: This is also one method through which we can create quality backlinks. Many of my blogging friends think that Blog Commenting is no more considered as backlinks. The fact is that it is a good way of creating backlinks. You will be required to post only meaningful and informative comments only. Do not try to spam anybody’s blog. First you need to establish that you are there to provide help to others or there to ask meaningful queries. Gradually over a period you can start linking your blog posts with your comments.

Document sharing sites: There are many documents sharing websites which allow other websites to upload their documents. You can make good use of such websites by uploading your documents such as E Book, presentations, project reports, important notes etc. You can upload your documents in PDF format. These websites are already well ranked and are well recognized by the search engines. After uploading your documents you can create links towards your websites. In such a way you can get good quality natural backlinks.

Social Bookmarking: Now social bookmarking is a well accepted medium for creating backlinks and is very popular also. You can create your profile on popular sites such as Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Myspace etc. You can post regularly and can also post comment on others social media posts and pages. However, while doing this you should take utmost care. Post only informative and useful comments and posts. Never post anything personal, offensive, violent etc. on social media. I know all of you are mature enough but it was just a word of caution.

social bookmarking to create backlinks

Join Blogging Communities and post comments regularly: There are various communities for bloggers. You can join such communities and can post useful information and comments there. From time to time keep on linking your blog posts with your comments. Example of a few popular blogger communities are indi blogger, inbound, blog engage etc.

Ask Questions, Submit Answers in popular sites: There are popular websites which provides options for asking questions and also for submitting answers. All of you must have surely seen sites like Yahoo Answers or There are many other popular sites as well. You can make very effective use of such sites to create quality backlinks. You can post questions as well as answers on such sites and at the same time can link your website or blog.

use yahoo answer to create backlinks

Create a Blogger Community of your own: This is a very effective way of creating backlinks. You can find out various other bloggers who are also in need of backlinks. Find out good blogs and bloggers. Contact such bloggers and exchange backlinks with each other. However first check the quality of the blogs only than enter in such arrangement. You can find out good blogs easily by doing a constant search on search engines. Blogger communities will also help you to find out good blogs and bloggers.

Submit your sites: You can submit your sites to top blogger communities, social bookmarking sites, directories. You can also submit your blog to stumbleupon and digg. This will help you for creation of backlinks without much effort.

Write High Quality Contents: If you are writing very high quality contents and useful stuff it will help a lot. Such high quality articles automatically ranks high in search engines over a period. If your articles and contents are really useful you will get backlinks without any effort. Other blogs and websites will love to provide link of your blog or website. In this way you will get lot of natural backlinks which are the best backlinks. So apart from all the efforts for backlinks do focus on writing strong contents. There is no substitute for quality contents in blogging and this fact all of us should understand.

Join popular groups: Make full use of groups such as Google group or Yahoo group. Keep on participating in these groups and post on a regular basis. Link your relevant webpage in your comments or in discussions. Do it wisely as it should not appear that you are there just to create backlinks.

Create a Wikipedia Page: You should also create a Wikipedia page for yourself. Wikipedia you must be aware is among the top websites of the world. It provides opportunity to create your page on it. After creating your page you can add your link in the resource section. This is a very good backlink and all of you can easily do it.

create quality backlinks

Submit to Local Business Directories: This is again a simple and effective method for creating backlinks. There are various popular websites on local business directories. You can simply post details about your business there. Also create link for your website there. Since these websites are well recognized, search engine do give a lot of importance to such backlinks.

Create multiple websites and blogs: Most of the successful bloggers are doing this. This will help you in many ways. It will give you a lot of options and you will have many backups. It will require lot of efforts to create multiple websites. But if you are having passion towards blogging and have a strong will power you can easily do it. Have 1-2 primary website or blog which are your main revenue earning websites. At the same time keep on working on your other websites. Slowly all your websites will start to rank high. The benefit of multiple website is that you can create quality backlinks on your own by linking your different sites. Just to tell you that I am maintaining about 10 blogs and doing it all alone. So anybody can do it.

Create Quality Backlinks – Conclusion

There are many other ways to create quality backlinks. But as I told you in the beginning, objective here is to find out those ways which are easily doable. All of you can follow these steps and can start creating backlinks. I will also tell you how I am doing this. I am having a routine of writing blog posts in 5 days a week. However 2 days I dedicate entirely towards SEO without worrying about my revenue loss. In those two days I work entirely on SEO such as improving structure of my websites, updating of themes, versions, plug-in etc, creation of backlinks and various other common aspects of SEO.

Please work seriously to create quality backlinks as it will make your website a better place. Also post and share your experiences here which may help all of us.

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