How to Create WordPress Blog – Step By Step Guide

(Last Updated On: October 1, 2017)

Let us discuss today about How to create wordpress blog step by step. One can start or set up wordpress blog very easily. Blogging is a very attractive option if one wants to earn money online. One can earn a lot of money through blogging by using Google Adsense and its various alternatives. So if you are interested in blogging or want to make a career in it, this post may help you.

wordpress or blogger There are many blogging platform but the two most popular are blogger and wordpress. Blogger platform is also widely used but over the years wordpress has become more popular. The reason for the popularity of wordpress blog is the versatility it has. In wordpress there are so many options available for the user. Even a novice or a layman can learn how to create wordpress blog. Initially it may appear a hard task. But once you start working on it within few days you will be well adept in it. Wordpress is very user friendly for the users.

Last Updated on –  Oct 1, 2017 @ 7:07 pm 

Blogger is also very easy to set up but the drawback with the blogger platform is that it has very limited options. In wordpress you can do anything with your blog with the help of various plugins. The wordpress forums are also very strong and there is help for everything. For wordpress there are uncountable number of attractive themes are also available. These themes are available free or at a very reasonable price. These themes can give your blog a professional look.

There are two options available of creating a wordpress blog. One is free option and another is of spending some money. If you are really serious about blogging I will suggest you not to go for free option.

How to create wordpress blogYou can create a professional blog just by spending a little amount of money. I will tell you how to create wordpress blog in simple steps. I am telling you steps pertaining to Godaddy as I am using it as a service provider. You can choose Godaddy or any other company as per your choice. The steps will however remain more or less similar. 

How to create wordpress blog?

Step – 1

Plan and purchase a Domain: Let us now understand how to create wordpress blog. The first step is to name your blog. For this you have to purchase a domain name. Domain name is the web address of your blog. For example domain name of my blog is You can purchase the domain name but before that you have to plan the domain name. Domain name should be short (normally 8-10 characters are considered good) and name should be relevant to your blog.

You need to check whether the domain name is available. You will also require deciding about .com, .in, .co. in etc. Normally .com is the most popular but you can also choose country specific .in (for India) etc. or content related .edu etc. Once you plan and find the domain name you will be required to purchase it. The price for domain for 1 year duration is normally varied from $ 3 to $ 10. Do not go for premium domains as they are expensive and you do not really need them.

Step – 2

Choose a Hosting service provider: Once the domain is with you the next step is to select a hosting service provider. There are various options available. I am using Godaddy as my hosting service provider. I am using it for more than 5 years now and I never had any issue with Godaddy. There are many other options so choose one as per your choice. After finalizing hosting provider you need to purchase hosting. In Godaddy there is also wordpress managed hosting for wordpress blogs.

While the domain is required to be purchased for at least 1 year hosting can be purchased for just 1 month. The price for hosting for 1 month is roughly $ 6-7. Sometimes there are offers are on new purchases and you can get it at even a lesser price. So initially you can purchase a domain for 1 year and hosting for 1 month. The total cost for this much will be around $ 15-20 or may be even less. So you can create wordpress blog with this much amount.

Step – 3

Set up your WordPress Blog: Once you purchase the domain as well as hosting you need to configure the domain with hosting. For example in Godaddy you need to go to My Account. In my account go to the managed wordpress hosting and select the domain for which you require hosting. Since initially you have only one domain you can select that. All these steps are quite simple and when you will set up the blog you can do it easily.

The set up is step wise step process and all you need to do is to follow the steps. During setup you need to keep a diary and pen with you. It will be wise if you note down the steps. It will help you for the future. Do not forget to note down the user id and password of your wordpress blog admin panel.

Once your blog is setup you can login through the admin panel using the user id and password. To login to your dashboard, go to and type in the username and password you set during installation. For example in my case my admin panel is

wordpress login screen

If you have taken a hosting plan for 1 month, you can renew it after a month. After working for 1 month if you feel that blogging is your cup of tea, go for long term renewal.

Step – 4

Find out an Attractive theme: Your new wordpress blog will be set up with the default wordpress theme. However if you want to change the theme you can easily do it. There are various free as well as paid options are available. Initially you should go for default or any free theme only. After sometimes once you are comfortable with your blog you can go for paid option. You can purchase highly professional themes from providers such as genesis, wp-chatter, DW Focus etc.

It is very easy to set up new theme. The steps for uploading the theme are:

Go to the WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance » Themes. Once there, click on “Add New” and search for the theme of your choice by its name. It should appear right away. Hover the mouse over it and click “Install” and then “Activate.”

Step – 5

Install Plugins: Now that your blog is all set up you can add a few plugins as per the requirements. Plugins are ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exists in WordPress. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs.

wordpress pluginsThere are numerous plugins available. However choose them wisely and select only a few and trusted plugins. Before installing any plug-in please check its updation status and reviews. Upload only plugins which are regularly updated and rated well be users. Examples of a few very popular plugins are XML sitemaps, Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Easy Adsense, Contact Forms etc. The best thing about wordpress is that there are so many plugins. These plugins help you to customize your blog as per your requirements.

It is very easy to install a plugin. To install a plugin you need to go to your WordPress Dashboard » Plugins » Add New. Type in the name of a given plugin. When the plugin appears, click on “Install Now” and then on “Activate.”

The other way of installing plugin is to download the plugin on your desktop. Go to your WordPress Dashboard » Plugins » Upload. Upload the plugin directly from the desktop and activate it.

Step – 6

Start Blogging: So these were the steps for How to create wordpress blog. Now your wordpress blog is ready and you are ready to go. Log in to your wordpress blog through admin panel. The admin panel will look like this:

wordpress admin panel

You can start writing your posts by going to Posts option, there you can select add new and can start writing a post. You can directly write a post there or the other option is that first you prepare a post on any word page. Work on your post to make it attractive, grammatically correct and informative for the visitor. Once you are satisfied with the quality of the post you can go to add new option. Paste your post there and make it more attractive using editors option. Also upload a few pictures to make it more attractive. To add the pictures you can use Add Media option.

Before posting you can also preview your post to check how it is looking. If the post is looking good, publish it.

Conclusion: So these are the basic steps on How to create wordpress blog step by step and how to write your first blog post. Let me tell you that blogging is very simple. It is so simple that students, housewives, non technical people like me etc. are doing it. The reason why anybody can do it that there is so much online help available. WordPress Forums provide online instant solutions. There are so many blogs which provide all sorts of helps on blogging.

You can also take helps from you tube videos. There are a huge number of videos available on you tube on it. What I mean to say that it is not difficult to create a blog or start blogging. Now the question is if it is so simple why the number of successful blogger is so less? I will answer it and also explain it.

The reason that there are very few successful bloggers is that most of the bloggers lack consistency. Blogging is all about consistency, regularity and discipline. One cannot become a successful blogger if he or she lacks these qualities. By consistency and regularity I mean to say that one should be regular in writing posts. Apart from regular writing one should always look for improvement in the posts. You need to make continuous research and keep on working to make your post informative and useful for the visitors.

When somebody is regular and writing good posts search engine recognizes it and start ranking such posts and blogs. Many of us start blogs, we start working on it and after sometimes we start getting tired. This is not the correct approach. Blogging needs lot of passion and patience. Do not worry about result and keep patience. If one has this kind of approach he will never fail. My experienced blogger friends may give more inputs on it in the comment section.

In the beginning of the article I told you that blogging is one very good option if you want to earn money. But at the same time I would like to urge that don’t just think in this perspective. No doubt one can earn a lot of money but blogging is much more than that. Blogging helps you in many other ways. It helps you in improving your writing skills. When you are writing articles regularly your skills will surely improve. Further when you research to write articles on new topics it improves your knowledge.

Create WordPress Blog – Change Your Life

Blogging is also a very good hobby and it is your own world. You can express your views and can present your ideas. Blogging also helps you to maintain a regular routine and disciplined life. As a blogger you have to follow a strict and discipline routine. Therefore it will improve your overall personality. One can join blogging forums, communities, discussions, groups etc. which will keep one updated.

So there are many benefits of blogging. I am sure that you must be fascinated with the beautiful world of blogging. If so, start blogging today. Nothing prevents you from doing this. I have already told you How to create wordpress blog. So start as early as possible.

Good luck and happy Blogging.

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