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(Last Updated On: April 5, 2020)

Today I am going to tell you on How to earn money online. Already many websites and blogs have already provided information on it. I have been told that there are thousands of articles on this topic. I have also explored many but I could find very few of them really informative and useful. Therefore I have read many of such articles and only after making lot of research I have shortlisted a few of the online activities which are really good for making money online.

Last Updated on –  Apr 5, 2020 @ 4:57 pm 

You may be wondering that despite there are so many articles on it why I am entering in a competitive field like this. My aim here is to provide you the best possible real information which may help you to earn money online.

Today I am going to tell you about few of these activities which will help you understand about how to earn money online. Please go through each of the activity carefully. I have shortlisted only real and activities which are really possible to do for a common person. You may also be aware about a few or all of them but this article will provide you in-depth information on it. There will be many visitors who may not be aware about any of them at all. However the very purpose of this article is to provide you only real and useful information. There is no point in mentioning countless activities which will only confuse you and you may end up achieving nothing and wasting your time.

Further, the reason for selecting these online activities is also based on my personal experience. I have also earned some money through these activities or for some of them I have also paid money. In the conclusion part of this article I will tell you how I have earned and how I have paid. One thing is for sure, that one can earn money online through these popular online activities. There are many students, housewives, and unemployed persons who often searching ways for earning money online. Sometimes it is not possible to get or do regular jobs. Therefore for such friends of mine this article can be really useful.

Let me tell you friends with the advent of internet and online business now there are various avenues though which one can earn money online. Only thing is that you have to identify the area or activity on which you can work. Once you have identified your area next thing is to work religiously on that and you also need to have patience. Over a period you will surely start to earn money. If you are really free and can devote lot of time you can earn a lot of money from your home itself. Many of the people are already doing it and a few of them are earning really big money. In this article you will see how people are working from home and earning big money from the activities which I have mentioned here.

How to Earn Money Online


The first activity which I am going to tell you in this article of how to make money online is blogging itself. Those who are not aware about what blogging is and how to do it, need not worry, as today I will explain you about it in a very simple language. I will write in the form of FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions about blog. This will help you to understand what exactly a blog is, who can create a blog, how to create a blog and how to earn money from the blog.

What is a blog?

So the first question is what is a blog? A blog is nothing but is a discussion or informational site published on the web. A blog normally consist articles in reverse chronological order. It means the recently published article is on the top and thereafter the older ones. What I am doing here is nothing but blog writing. The purpose of a blog is to provide useful information to the reader on variety of topics. A blog can also be on a particular field also. The area of blogging is as infinite as universe. You can write articles on any topic. Only thing is that whatever you are writing should be informative and useful for your readers.

The popularity of a blog depends on its contents. A Blog is just like old wine with the time it gets better and better, provided it is being updated with informative articles and information on a regular basis. Now the question comes to the mind, is it possible to earn money from a blog? The answer is a definite ‘yes’, you will be surprised to know that thousands of bloggers are earning lacs of rupees every month. In India there are many bloggers who are earning more than 5 lacs rupees per month from their blog.

Who can write a Blog?

For blog writing you do not need any specific qualification. For example I am writing a blog but you are not even aware what my qualification is. Anybody can start blog writing and anybody can become successful. However, to become a really successful blogger a few things a blogger must possess. The first thing is the writing ability. Those who can write well on variety of topics are more likely to get success in this field. Second thing is the patience and will power, as you cannot become a successful blogger in one day. It’s only after some time that your article starts to rank high in the Google and people start following your blog. Once your blog is established thereafter it can give you a lot of money.

It normally takes one year time to establish a successful blog. Success also depends on how much time you are giving on it and how keen you are for getting the success. It is just like a new shop or a new business. When you open a new shop or a new business it takes some time to establish. Similarly your blog will also take some time to get establish.

Before starting a blog you should be clear on following aspects:

Know why you want to start a blog. > Decide what your blog will focus on. > Which of the blogging platforms you are going to use.

Which Blogging Platform you should use?

The most popular blogging platforms are blogger and wordpress. When I started blogging I started with blogger however over a period I realized that wordpress is a much better platform. The reason being that in wordpress, there are so many options which one can use. Further, wordpress is very user friendly and you can get any help instantly through online forums. On the other hand blogger platform is having limited options. There are many other blogging platforms also but I have mentioned here the two most commonly used platform. If you really want to become a successful blogger I will also suggest you to invest some money by purchasing a good theme for your blog as well as paid hosting from hosting providers such as godaddy. This will give your blog a professional look and better experience to the visitors.

How to Earn Money Online
                                                                                        Blogger vs WordPress

How to make money online from the Blogging?

Now the moot point is how to earn money online from blogging. Let me explain you that how you can make money from your blog. Once you have established a successful blog you can earn lot of money though various channels. The main channels are advertising, affiliate marketing, link sharing, publishing your own books, selling your own products etc.

Benefits of Blog writing

Like any other good work the benefits of blogging are many. It helps you in innovative thinking; you can become a good writer as with regular writing on your blog your writing skills will surely improve. The success of blog also depends on your innovative and creative thoughts. Hence it helps you to become a creative person. Blogging is also a very good hobby, even if you are not writing blogs to earn money online you can still create a blog and can start writing. It helps you in expressing your thoughts and your knowledge also increases when you research on various topics.

Top 3 Indian Blogger and their Monthly Estimated Income

Here I am providing you list of top 3 Indian bloggers, their blog and their estimated monthly income from the blog. Please note these are only estimated income. Further, these are the well known bloggers however there may be many others who are not in limelight and they are also earning lacs of rupees every month.

Mr. Amit Agarwal, Blog Name –, Estimated Monthly Income – Rs. 30.00 lacs

Amit Agarwal is considered to be the first professional Indian Blogger. Every month he is earning about Rs. 30.00 lacs from his blog.

Mr. Harsh Agarwal, Blog Name –, Estimated Monthly Income – Rs. 6.00 lacs

Harsh Agarwal is the owner of the blog shoutmeloud. This blog provides information on variety of topics mainly on SEO and Social Networking. Estimated monthly income is about Rs. 6.00 lacs per month. Harsh also publishes his monthly earning reports on his blog.

earn money online
                                       Top 3 Indian Bloggers

Ms. Shradha Sharma, Blog Name –, Estimated monthly Income – Rs. 10.00 lacs

Shradha has started her blog in 2008. This blog is India’s biggest platform for startups and entrepreneurs related stories, news, resources, research reports etc. The estimated monthly income from this blog is Rs. 10.00 lacs.

So you can see how the people earn money online from blogging. These three examples are just to give you an idea about blogging. You can visit the blog of these bloggers and many other successful bloggers to understand how the blogging is being done.

Content writing

Next activity through which you can earn money online is Content Writing. If you are finding it tough to start your own blog then another option which you can chose is content writing. For those who are not aware I would like to tell them that a content writer or web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. There are hundreds of websites on various specialized areas. As a content writer first you have to choose your specific area on which you want to write. There are various popular websites which require publishing articles on various topics every day. Such websites require content writers who can write articles for them. As a content writer you can provide your services to them. A content writer can easily work from his or home. He or she can work anytime as per the convenience.

How to become a content writer?

To become a professional content writer and to earn money online from this profession you need very basic infrastructure such as a computer and an internet connection. However the more important thing is that you should have a flair for writing so that your articles can attract visitors. Over a period you need to develop your skills of writing original and SEO friendly article. The better you will write the more you will earn.

How much a content writer can earn?

A content writer can earn a very decent income which can vary from Rs. 10000 per month to lacs of rupees per month. Even a starter with basic writing skills can easily earn more than Rs. 10000 per month by working 3-4 hours in a day. If one can devote more time and can write better, the income will also go up with the time. However my personal view is that if you want to become a good content writer rather than focus on earnings your objective should be to write well. Once you develop good writing skills you will have lot of work. You can register with websites such as and many other websites to start working as a content writer.

Skills required for a Content Writer

One should develop his or her own writing style. Do not try to copy others. Try to provide exhaustive and complete information in your articles.

earn money online
       Content Writing – Earn Money Online From Home

What I have learnt from my experience that to become successful in content writing one need to provide original contents. I too have hired many content writers but many of them started falling in the trap of earning easy money. They start to copy articles from here and there and modify them. Such approach is not correct. This may work for short term. However if you want to become a good content writer never copy anything. You may refer and research but write always in your own words. Provide only original contents to the person with whom you are working. Otherwise it will breach the trust and will also hamper the quality of blog or website for which you are providing the contents.

Online Tution

What is Online Tuition?

Online Tuition is another avenue through which you can earn money online. Few years back nobody could have even imagined that tuition can be provided through online mode. But thanks to the advent of new technologies that now Online Tuitions have become a very popular and big business. This has helped many students, housewives, unemployed people and to those who want to work part-time and earn money online from their home. You may not be aware but let me tell you that thousands of teachers are now-a-days providing online tuitions to lacs of students. Let me explain you how the Online Tuition works and how you can become an Online Tutor.

How to become Online Tutor in India?

earn money online

If you have command over any subject and you know how to teach, you can register with websites such as,,, and many other such websites as an online tutor. First you need to create a tutor profile there and will have to provide details such as your subject / subjects in which you want to teach. You will also be required to provide information such as your experience in this line, timings which will suit you for online tuition and the expected remuneration. You may also need to provide demo classes to the websites and later on to students. Once those who are running the respective website are satisfied with your performance they will refer students to you.

How much does an Online Tutor earn?

You will be required to be work on the platform provided by the respective website. The website professionals will arrange your classes with the students. Thereafter you will teach the students directly through online mode. The students will make payment to the website in advance. And as per the rates negotiated you will be paid by the website. Your price will increase with the experience and ratings given by the students. An Online tutor gets much more money than the normal tutor. The rates of online tuition vary from Rs. 150 to Rs. 750 per hour. A good online tutor can easily earn Rs. 10000 to Rs. 100000 depending upon his or rates per hour and the time devoted.


YouTube is another very good option for earning money online. In the last few years YouTube has certainly taken a lead and has emerged as one of the top sources of earning money online.

To earn money from YouTube you can start your own channel on any subject of your interest and can start posting videos. However to become a successful You-tuber you need to provide good and regular contents through your videos, only than your channel will become popular and you can start earning money from it.

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