Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers in India

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2020)

Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers in India

Most of us are scary even of the thought of using any other alternative than that of Google Adsense. However you will be surprised to know that there are many other alternatives to the Google Adsense which can be used along with Adsense or exclusively as well. As a blogger you should always hunt for new avenues. You can use any alternative only when you are aware about it. In this article I have picked my top 5 choices as alternatives for the Google Adsense which will help you in increasing your online revenue.

Last Updated on –  Apr 5, 2020 @ 5:09 pm 

My blogging friends may agree with me that the reasons why we do blogging are two. First, most of the bloggers develop passion for blogging once they become addicted to this field. The other reason is obviously money or I should say return of the hard work. The passion we have already developed and it will only increase. Many of us are also making good money. But here comes an important question, are we really aware about the avenues available for bloggers for earning money. Google Adsense remains the most important source of earning for bloggers. However there are many bloggers who are having share of Adsense as low as of 5-10% of their total earning from blog. They are effectively using various other Google Adsense Alternatives.

google adsense alternatives

It means that such bloggers are earning 90-95% earnings from other sources. If you are keen to know about the other sources of earning from a blog, please go ahead with this article. I was also heavily dependent on Google Adsense for my earnings. However now I understood the importance of Google Adsense Alternatives which I would like to share with you. From the same blog through which we can earning say $ 500 per month from Adsense, we can increase our revenue to $ 3000 to $ 4000 or may be even more if we use the alternative methods along with the Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a very trusted and a very reliable source of earnings for bloggers. However the only problem with it that due to very strict policies of Google sometimes due to ignorance a publisher may violate ant condition and Google may ban the Adsense account.  There are numerous instances of a Google Adsense account is being banned.

Therefore as a blogger it is our duty to know and use alternatives methods of Google Adsense. Because having 100% dependence on it may result in zero income in case the account is banned by Google even accidentally.

Therefore learn these very attractive methods or alternative for earning money from your blog.

Google Adsense Alternatives in India


For my blogger friends who are not aware about it I would like to tell that Infolinks is an in-text link ad network that has been a profitable blog monetization network for many publishers. It offers various types of advertisements that you can place on your blog, but the most popular one is an in-text ad unit, followed closely by an in-frame ad unit. As an alternative to Adsense, Infolinks is highly recommended.

google adsense alternatives

I will tell you how it can be a very good alternative. Rather than alternative I would suggest you to use it along with Google Adsense. As it will only increase your revenue and will establish on your blog over a period. Infolinks has become one of the largest monetization networks in the world today. It has helped more than 250000 publishers in more than 100 countries to earn money by using its effective contextual and video ads as well as engaging display banners.

To get registered with Infolinks is also very easy. Unlike Google Adsense where it is really difficult to get an Adsense Publisher id for new bloggers, it is really easy to start with Infolinks. The platform is very simple to integrate into your site and it is open to any publisher. Further, the policies are very flexible and there is no threat of getting banned. You will be surprised to know that now the Infolinks are working with some of the world’s leading brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Ebay etc. This will help you publishing ads of these big brands along with many others. It will surely increase your click rate and your income too. is another very good option and is one of the very strong Google Adsense Alternatives along with others. This is contextual ad network for Yahoo and Bing. For those who are not aware about what is contextual ad, I will explain here in brief for better understanding. Contextual advertising is an advertising which is based on the context of the web page. For example if your web page is about Mobile Phones then normally the ads which will appear will also be related to mobile phones. If your web page is on health and Fitness, the ads which will be displayed will also be related to fitness.

Further, if any visitor is searching anything on his or her computer through search engines, the ads which will be reflected on his or her computer will also automatically relate itself to the search. For example, if somebody is reading your blog and at the same time he or she is also searching web for some product say for running shoes, then the ads which will reflect on your blog on that particular computer will also be on running shoes or any other running accessory. This type of advertising is very useful for the visitors and the probability of click becomes very high. The Contextual advertising is much better than the direct or static advertising as the click rate is much higher here.

google adsense alternatives

The process for applying for this ad network is some way similar to Adsense. You have to apply for it by providing details of your blog or website. Like Adsense you can run multiple ads in one account. Once your blog or website is approved by the team they will provide you an account and you can start running their ads.

Once your request has been approved, you can log in to Yahoo Bing network. If you have used Adsense earlier it will be very simple for you. The process is almost similar. Even for new blogger it is not difficult at all. You can create ad units and can get code for the ad units.

As far as payment is concerned, the payment is being done once the balance is more than $ 100. The method for payment is pay pal and wire transfer. It is as hassle free as Google Adsense. There are no issues about payment or anything else. Therefore you can think of using this as Google Adsense Alternatives.


Now let us discuss about another Adsense alternative. Many of the bloggers are also using Adsoptimal. After going through various articles and experiences of bloggers I feel that this is a very good option. Now let me tell you about what Adsoptimal is and how we can use it and can earn money through it.

This ad network is relatively new as this is in existence since 2013. It is popular among various bloggers. It would not be fair to compare Adsoptimal with Adsense, as Adsense is a huge network. The common complaint among bloggers is that the revenue from Adsoptimal is not as high as that of Adsense.

My suggestion is that this can be used as Google Adsense Alternatives along with other network till you get the Adsense account. As you may be aware, getting an Adsense id is not an easy task. Particularly for the new bloggers it is a difficult task. However there is no point in wasting your web space. Therefore you can use the ads of Adsoptimal till you get an Adsense id.

google adsense alternatives

The quality of the ads of this network is high. One can earn very good money with this ad network. You can register with this network to show their ads. Registration process is quite simple and it is very easy to start with this network.

So you can surely go ahead with the Adsoptimal ad network and can use it as an alternative of Google Adsense. It is not that attractive an option as Adsense but it is a good option.

Amazon Associates

This is a relatively new alternative for the bloggers but is very effective. One should surely try this. If you already have a Google Adsense account you should use this program along with Adsense. Otherwise you can also use it as an alternative. In my view this is the best among all google adsense alternatives which are being discussed in this article.

Amazon India Affiliate Program or Amazon Associates is an affiliate program of Online Mega Shopping website Amazon. Earlier it was not possible to use this affiliate program for Indian market as it is only few years back that Amazon has started its Indian Operations.

This program allows you to earn money online by promoting Amazon products on your blog or website. You can earn from two ways. First pick the product of your choice which is some way related to your website or blog.  For example, most of my blogs are of educational type so my niche is books. Similarly you can also work out products which are relevant to your website. Now for example if your website is on gadgets, you can write review on any popular gadget e.g. mobile, camera, lap top etc. and can place links to buy the same from Amazon in your articles. You will earn your Adsense revenue as usual but at the same time you will also earn from Amazon for the sales made through the links/banners which you are displaying in your articles, blog and websites.

google adsense alternatives

The earnings are very handsome from Amazon and it is as authentic and fair as Adsense. Amazon offers very attractive commission as they are offering 5% commission on electronics items and 10% commission on all other products on every purchase made when visitors follow affiliated links from your website to

The best part of Amazon affiliate program is that if any visitor buys anything from Amazon website you will get commission for it. To elaborate is further, for example if you have provided link for the mobile phone on your blog and a visitor visit Amazon website from this link. Now if the visitor do not purchase that mobile phone and purchase anything else say a lap top even then you will get the commission as the visitor has reached Amazon site through your link.

It is very easy to register for Amazon Affiliate program. First you will need to create an Amazon account by providing the basic details. Your application or request will be approved in 24 hours time if found suitable. Thereafter you can generate codes for the various products and can place anywhere on your blog or website.


We have so far discussed about 4 Google Adsense Alternatives. The last one which I am going to take is Chitika. Chitika is similar to Adsense and if you are aware how Adsense works then you can easily operate Chitika too. You can use Chitika ads along with Adsense and there is no restriction on it.

google adsense alternatives

Like Adsense Chitika is also a contextual ad network. I have already told you how contextual advertising works. It will always show relevant ads which in turns give you more clicks and earnings.

Getting approval from Chitika is not difficult even new bloggers can easily get its account, after getting approval you can get ad codes which you can place on you blog or site. You can also use wordpress plug-in for Chitika which will help you to place your ads easily.

Many bloggers are earning handsome money from Chitika and it one of the better paying ad networks. The good thing is that it shows much targeted advertisements just like Google Adsense. Use it along with Adsense and you can easily compare the performance of both.

Google Adsense Alternatives

The Google Adsense Alternatives which I have discussed above are all reliable and from big networks. Therefore you can use them with full confidence. Your money will be as safe as that of Adsense. I strongly recommend that you should surely give a try.

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