How to Make Money from Blogging? – For Beginner and Experienced Bloggers

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

Today we will discuss about how to make money from blogging. There are many ways through which one can earn money from blogging. I will not tell you about many such ways but will tell you only about a few practical and popular ways which are well established.

By using these methods, you can not only earn good money from your blog but can also earn from multiple ways which will contribute in the growth of revenue.

I have been blogging for more than 10 years now so I am going to tell you various ways through which you can earn money. Many of these methods I am already using on my blogs.

How to Make Money from Blogging?

AdSense and other Alternatives

You can earn very good money through Google AdSense as it is the best advertising program available on web. However, it not that easy to get registered with AdSense however once you get registered with it you can start showing google ads on your blog. Till the time you do not get AdSense you can use alternatives of AdSense.

AdSense itself can be a major source of earning as you will be surprised to know that many bloggers are solely dependent on AdSense for their income. Many bloggers have adopted blogging as a full-time career just by depending upon the money received from AdSense. Therefore, AdSense can be a very powerful source of income for all bloggers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is to market the products of other companies and earn money from it. I have been using Amazon Affiliate program from a long time and I strongly recommend it. It gives you handsome commission and it has a huge range of products. You can sell products through any kind of blog as you will always find products suitable for your blog. It is very simple and you just have to display the products on your blog which you want to sell.

I will tell you how I am doing this. I have a blog on which provides tips, information and study material related to education. In this blog I use to write reviews on good books. In my reviews itself I use to provide links for the recommended books and many visitors purchase books using links given on my blog. This results in good income to me and also gives me satisfaction of providing and recommending good books to my visitors.

Affiliate Marketing if done honestly is a win-win for all as you get good money, your visitor gets a good product and marketing company get sales through it.

There are many affiliate programs in India such as Amazon, Flipkart, GoDaddy, make my trip etc. depending upon the type of blog and contents you can select it.

E – books

E books can be another source of making money as I am using it with very good results. It can help you to earn in two ways. You can keep a nominal price of the book and can sell a large number of books which will give you good money. Secondly, you can place number of ads around the download link of the E – book which will result in click of ads and your ad revenue will also increase.

Online Consulting

If you are a professional such as doctor, lawyer, freelancer etc., you can also start online consulting through your blog. This will not only make you popular but will also increase your revenue. If your tips and consultancy is of good quality you will receive repetitive queries and will also be able to increase your customer base. You can also use your blog to write quality articles on your niche.

Online Coaching

Similarly, if you are in education field you can start online coaching and tuition also by using your blog. You can also write articles related to various exams, exam pattern, syllabus, how to prepare etc.

You can also provide online coaching and can also prepare online courses from different exams. If you find it difficult to prepare courses than you can affiliate with many established coaching which are selling courses. You can partner with them and can sell their courses. Remember there is hefty margin in these products. By selling them through your blog you can also get good share of income.

how to make money from blogging

Writing Reviews

Writing reviews is another good source of income for bloggers. But for this you have to be very consistent and have to establish yourself in the market. Review can be of anything for example movies, books, mobiles, shoes, sport goods etc. Now a days it is very common for customer to read the review before making any purchase. So, if you can write good reviews related to your niche you can not only bring good traffic to your blog and once you are established you can also charge for writing reviews.

Direct Advertising

If you have a well-established blog you can market for direct advertising by contacting to the companies or institutions which have products which can be sold through your blog. If you can convince them by showing the number of visitors, clicks, revenue etc. about the strength of your blog, they can associate with you for direct advertising of their product. Also, if you have an established blog many marketing companies will contact you for direct advertising. You can review the offers and can partnership with a few.

Writing guest posts

If you are a successful blogger you can also earn income by writing guest posts by partnering with another established blog. This can be a good source of income.

Writing high quality articles

Lastly this is very important. Whatever activities I have suggested above will depend on the quality of your blog. Only if you are writing quality articles and contents on your blog only than you will be able to do the ancillary activities. Basic of the blog will always remain quality content and quality articles. So never compromise with that.

So, these were a few tips on how to make money from blogging. You can choose any or few of these ways to increase revenue from your blog.

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