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In our series of How to prepare, today I am going to tell you about How to Prepare for NSTSE exams or talent search exams. NSTSE Exams are for students of junior levels. Students from Class II to Class XII can appear in these exams.

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The purpose of these exams is to test the skills of students of various standards. In this article I am going to tell you about NSTSE Exams, authority for conducting NSTSE Exams, who are eligible for these exams, what are the benefits of these exams, how to prepare for NSTSE exams and various other aspects and information about this exams.

How to prepare for NSTSE
How to prepare for NSTSE

In my view the student as well as parents should be well aware about NSTSE Exams. These exams aim at the development of growing children. Therefore all sincere parents should know about these exams and should take personal interest for their children so that they can also prepare for these exams and can cope up with the changing requirement. The parents should take the responsibility to guide their children on How to Prepare for NSTSE exams which will help the kids immensely.

What is the full form of NSTSE?

Many of us know partially about these exams. But most of the parents lack in depth knowledge about NSTSE Exams. The purpose of the article is to provide you in-depth knowledge about these exams. The full form of NSTSE is National Level Science Talent Search Examination.

NSTSE is a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test which has been developed in India only. It has been developed after a comprehensive study of the syllabi of different boards such as CBSE, ICSE, and various state boards etc. central and state boards. The test is based on questions on various core subjects and aimed at the testing of skills of the students. The tests are designed as such that skills of the good students are reflects automatically.

Give your children proper guidance
Give your children proper guidance

How NSTSE Tests are different from conventional Exams?

While in conventional exams of schools, the aim is to find out how much a child knows. The conventional exams do not test the ability of the students as far as understanding of the concepts is concerned. Even ordinary students can perform well in these exams by studying from a fix syllabus and by cramming the answers. However the focus of NSTSE is to measure how well a student has understood concepts. The questions are such that without understanding the concepts a student will not be able to score good marks.

In NSTSE exams the focus on understanding the fundamentals is paramount. NSTSE exams prepare or groom the students for facing the competition. Every student while opting for higher studies has to go through a complete scan of his or her ability. Exams like IIT JEE, AIEEE, AFMC, AIIMS, GRE, GMAT, CAT etc., are aimed at testing the fundamental strength of student. Therefore it is imperative to develop fundamentals base of your kids as strong as possible.

Who are eligible for NSTSE Exams?

As far as eligibility is concerned students of Class II to Class XII (PCM), XII(PCB) are eligible to participate in the NSTSE examination. Those interested in applying or for appearing in these exams should contact to the concerned teacher/principal. Further, if your school management does not have idea about these exams you can contact on the email of Unified Council which is the authority for these exams. They will send detailed information and registration forms to your School and the school can register. The email id of the Unified Council is You can check more details about this on their official website here.

How to Prepare for NSTSE

What are the various subjects of NSTSE Exams?

The questions are asked mainly on Mathematics, Science, GK, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. For the students of Class II to Class III the subjects are Mathematics and Science. For the students of Class IV to Class V the subjects are Mathematics, Science and GK. For the students of Class VI to Class XII the subjects are Mathematics, GK, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. However for class XI and XII there are subjects as per the stream of the students.

What is the syllabus for the NSTSE?

The syllabus of NSTSE Exams is based on the CBSE syllabus. 80% to 85% of the CBSE syllabus is considered while setting up the NSTSE Question Paper. Those students who are very good at studies will find NSTSE exams a bit easy and they will score high marks because I have said that the syllabus is much similar to that of the school syllabus however the books, method of learning etc. is bit different as here the more emphasis is on learning concepts. The questions are also asked from the entire range of syllabus and those who have studied deeply and have learned the concepts will do well.

But it does not mean that CBSE students are having any added advantage in these exams as the NSTSE question papers are equally suitable for students following ICSE/ISC and various other State Board syllabi.

What is the Exam Pattern of NSTSE?

Now the question is what exactly is the exam pattern of NSTSE and How to Prepare for NSTSE Exams. I have explained the entire exam pattern of all classes as under:-

Exam Pattern for Class II and III

NSTSE Exam Pattern
NSTSE Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern for Class IV to XII

NSTSE Exam Pattern details
NSTSE Exam Pattern details

Other Important points about Exam Pattern

NSTSE Exam Structure
NSTSE Exam Structure

As I have told you above that ‘The National Science Talent Search Examination’ (NSTSE) is the diagnostic test conducted by the Unified Council of India. The basic purpose of the exam is examining the conceptual knowledge of the students on various subjects.

There will be different papers for different classes and the entire exam will be of objective type only. There will not be any negative marking and the students will get marks for all correct answers.

Which are the important books for NSTSE Exam Preparation?

There are various books available however my suggestion to students as well as parents is that they should refer only to good books. Since these exams contribute towards developing foundation of the kids hence it is vital that from very beginning they should refer to quality books only.

In my view Brain Mapping Academy which is one of the leading publishing houses publish many quality books on NSTSE and Olympiad Exams. I have personally referred these books for my son and found the books quite useful. There are a few other good books also such as MTG books for various Olympiad Exams. Since syllabus is very much similar hence these books can be referred. You can also refer to IIT foundation books of good publications which will help a lot for the preparation of NSTSE.

How to Prepare for NSTSE Exam?

There are no set rules for preparation of these exams. I have been closely associated with this exam as I have personally monitored the progress of my son who is in 6th standard now. He has got top ranks in these exams and is continuously preparing for NSTSE Exams.

In my view first and foremost thing is to have a good command over the academic books of the schools. As I have said earlier that those who are good students at the school will score good marks. Once the base is good thereafter the students should refer to the various books which I have mentioned above which will help them to learn more. With regular studies from academics and NSTSE books their concept will be clear. Students who are interested in watch TV shows on channels such as Discovery and National Geographic have good general knowledge. Good GK is also one of the keys for success in these exams as there are many GK questions in the exam.

nstse awards and prizes
nstse awards and prizes

Which are the good websites for more information on NSTSE Exams?
You should refer to the official website of Unified Council which is the authority for the NSTSE Exams. You can also post any query here also and I will respond to your query. In case you have any confusion on how to prepare for NSTSE Exam I will be happy to clarify that.

I hopw that after reading this article you must now have a very good idea about NSTSE Exam and how to prepare for NSTSE Exam.

NSTSE Results

NSTSE Results are declared on its Official website every year. The link for the official website has been provided here.

official website.

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Is single candidate can apply for nstse-2017 exam by online mode .If my school will not held this exam.
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Yes you can apply individually Not necessarily through the school. I have been doing it individually for my son. U can register through their website.


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