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(Last Updated On: August 21, 2019)

Today I will tell you How to reduce weight naturally in a fast and easy manner with the help of diet control, exercises and workout. These tips will be helpful for all my readers to reduce their unwanted fat in a most natural way.  

Obesity is a global problem and people are suffering all over the world because of it. However with the simple steps suggested in this article one can easily reduce his or her fat and can become a fit and agile person.

Most of the people remain worried about how to reduce their belly fat in particular and overall weight in general. Please do not worry about it as worry itself is one of the reasons for gaining weight. Rather than worrying about it try to find ways of reducing it. 

Normally there are only two reasons for people getting overweight and fatty. The first one and the most important reason is poor eating habits and the other one is not doing any kind of workout or exercise. 

Many people without giving any thought are trying to reduce weight by spending lots of money in purchasing weight reduction gels, powders, belts, medicines, paying money to various professionals, reducing weight through surgery, by remaining hungry etc.

It may sound harsh but let me tell you that these things can never work in the long run. One may reduce fat through these methods for a temporary period but it will fall back again in a more severe manner after sometime. 

Therefore one should reduce weight through natural methods only. Before doing anything please sit down and think over it. Understand the reasons for getting overweight and make a definite plan for reduction as suggested here. Review your eating habits and analyse your daily routine. Follow the undernoted things in a strict manner and you can see wonderful results over a period of time. 

How to Reduce Weight Naturally

Change your Eating Habits

I found it amusing that most of the people always complain about their increasing weight but never pay attention towards their eating habits. If you are really serious about reducing your weight, the first thing you need to change your eating habits. 

You have to be disciplined in your eating habits. If you are regularly eating oily food, junk food, drinking alcohol, intaking tobacco in any form, eating lots of sweets, partying every weekend, fond of going to restaurants every weekend etc., than you should not talk about reducing your weight. Friends, such food and eating habits are the basic reason for obesity. Occasionally you may take it but regular intake of such food will always make you overweight and even after all kinds of exercises and workout you will never be able to reduce your weight. 


Please understand that once you are in the trap of getting obese, it becomes very difficult to control your weight. Each bad eating will only increase your weight further. Your first priority should be to first control your weight from increasing further.

Therefore the first thing you need to change is change your eating habits. Eat simple and healthy food with very less oil and sugar. Eat less food and eat it on short intervals. Never remain hungry to reduce your weight. 

Some of the healthy food which I can suggest to you are fat free milk, curd, buttermilk, yogurt, oats, roti, less quantity of rice, dal, green vegetables, salads, chicken, boiled potatoes, fruits, soups, paneer in small quantity etc. Try to keep your food as simple as you can. Eat less sugar and do not eat oily food. Do not eat sweets, chocolates, ice creams etc. on a regular basis. 

It is not difficult at all to develop healthy eating habits, only thing required is discipline and will power. Leave all bad habits such as alcohol, smoking, tobacco etc. Keep your body clean by intaking only good and healthy food. If you can do this you will start to feel change within yourself in first 15 days itself. I can only tell you that if you can follow such eating habits even for a month than it would not be difficult for you to follow it forever as you will start liking it after sometime. 

Drink as much water as you can and eat lots of fruits containing good amount of fiber.

Do Regular Workout 

My second point is that you should devote at least 2-3 hours daily on exercises and workout. I know many people find it difficult to exercise but you can do simple things such as walking and running. Involve yourself in some sports activities such as tennis, badminton, volleyball etc.  

You can simply start by walking. Walking is one of the best exercises to reduce weight and belly fat. Walking for long duration burns lots of calories. If you are comfortable in running that is even better. Try a mix of walking and running for long duration everyday. Keep on drinking water at regular intervals. Apart from walking and running, you can also join a Gym and can do weight reduction exercises under the guidance of instructor.


Friends you do not need to shed your money to reduce your weight. Try these two things which I have told you and see the magic. Do not get restless to reduce your weight. It takes time for reduction of weight. Eating habits suggested by me will ensure that your weight will not increase further and with the help of regular workout you can reduce your weight significantly. 

Once you start following such kind of routine not only weight will reduce but your overall life will change. You will become more disciplined and will have a good purposeful routine. So leave your bad habits, have healthy eating habits, rise early and devote 2-3 hours towards workout which should be a combination of walking, running, sports and exercises. 

I am sure you must have liked my suggestions on how to reduce weight naturally, whatever I have written is based on my personal experience.  

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