About GuruBlog, About Me & My other Blog

Here I am going to tell you something about me and my blog.

Gurublog and Anshublog are the blogs on which I work most. Anshublog is dedicated to career and education.

My name is Anshu Saxena and I am a housewife. This Blog is one of my many creations. This is very close to my heart. In this blog the objective is to provide in depth information on topics such as Career, Blogging, SEO, Fitness and How to Earn Money Online.

Friends, if you really wish to increase your knowledge the best thing is to share it. I have learnt so many things in blogging in last few years. I have started blogging in the year 2010 and since then the passion is increasing day by day. Now its the time for sharing whatever I have learnt and that is the very purpose of this blog.

I would like to tell you all of my journey so far. I had no idea about blogging and it is only in 2009 I have heard the words blog or blogging for the first time.

Initially I created free blogs on blogger.com and worked for a few months. Later on with the time I have learnt a lot and created many more blogs. All these blogs are on blogging, SEO, education and career only.

Over a period I have also read the success stories of many bloggers and decided to adopt blogging as a full time career. Actually I was not doing any job and the blogging has provided me a career option.

About Me

Now a brief about me. My name is Anshu Saxena and I am a part-time housewife and a full time blogger. Earlier I use to had a lot of spare time. Now time is money for me and I find it difficult to waste even a single minute. Such is the passion of blogging.

Now coming back to gurublog.in, as I told you that I have chosen only a few categories. I promise you that you will get only useful and in depth information here.

In this blog I will provide you information on how to become a successful blogger, importance of SEO, how to earn money online and tips on career. The last category which I have chosen is on fitness. While it is important to have a very good career and to earn money it is equally important to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

In fitness category I will focus my article on such topics.

My objective of life is to achieve success, provide best and honest information to the visitors and take good care of my family.

In this page I will also keep updating you from time to time. Have fun and enjoy blogging.

I am also a frequent traveller and travelled a lot in the last few years. Here are some of my pictures.

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