Proper Running Techniques – Correct Running Posture

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Let’s discuss in this article about proper running techniques, correct running posture and important tips for beginners as well as experienced runners. In the earlier post of fitness section I have narrated about the benefits of walking and running. I am sure many of my friends have started to follow a regular routine for running. While it is important to have a regular routine for the running at the same time it is equally important to do the job properly and follow proper running techniques.

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Running is a great workout but like any other physical workout it also has some basic rules and sound fundamentals. You must follow the important tips discussed in this article as it will help you to get better results of your workout. After going through this article you will be able to understand about the proper running techniques and you will be able to make more out of running exercises. Many of you may be aware about some of, or all of these tips but you should still read it as it will help you to review your performance. So let us Get, Set and Go…….

Correct Running Postures

Let us begin with the correct posture which is the most important aspect of running. Correct body posture is very important in our day to day life, be it sitting, standing or lying. Similarly it is equally important to have a correct body posture while running. Those who ignore it are likely to face problems in the long run. Therefore please ensure from the very beginning that you are running in a proper posture. A good running posture will help you to release your tensions and at the same time even after running for long you will not feel strained.

proper running techniquesNow let me tell you what the correct running posture is. While running, you should maintain an upright posture. Keep your head high and back straight. I have seen many runners who are in the habit of running with head down. Please do not keep your head down or look at the ground while running. Such posture will lead to strain in your neck as well as in your shoulders. Neither lean too much forward nor backward, try to remain as straight as possible with your head straight.

While running keep your body in a very relaxed position. The more relaxed you are the better you do.

Shoulders also play a very important role in keeping your body relaxed. To achieve best result keep your shoulders low and loose. Do not keep your shoulders high and tight during running.

proper running techniquesProper arm and hand posture is also very important for effective running. While running, you should cup your hands lightly. Do not fold it very hard and tightly. Keep your elbows at about a 90 degree angle. Keep your fingers close and loose. Such posture will allow you to run in a very relax and efficient manner.

Now let us talk about knee position and feet movements. For daily workout you do not really need to sprint. Your objective should be to run at a decent pace for longer durations. For such running you do not require to lift your knee high. While running, you need to lift your knee slightly. Your stride should be short and leg movement should be quick. With this kind of knee and feet movement you will be able to run long at a good speed. Further, your feet should touch the ground very lightly. The lighter your foot landing is the better your pace will be.

Proper Breathing Technique for Runners

Breathing techniques are very important for good running. Most of the new runners do not really heed to. It is only with the time and experience you will learn that there are so many other things which should be practiced while running. Correct breathing is one of the very important techniques along with the correct posture.

proper running techniquesI have seen many runners who run at a fast pace initially and then start breathing very quickly and heavily. This won’t do…. Here I will not insist on whether you should breathe from your nose, mouth or from both as it is an individual choice. Ideally we all should breathe from our nose only but over a period everybody develops his or her own style of breathing which is difficult to change. I will tell you how to breathe during running. You should breathe in a relaxed manner and should breathe deeply. While running, belly breathing is the best technique.

Such breathing will help you get more oxygen and at the same time your breathing will be smooth and relaxed. One can easily develop the habit of belly breathing by practicing it on a regular basis. Practicing belly breathing is very simple, one simple method which I could tell you is, just lie flat on your back with a book or anything similar on your abdomen. Inhale slowly and see the book rising and exhale to see the book lowering. A few days practice and you will start breathing like this and will feel the difference.

Avoid listening Music during Running

I am sure that many of you are not going to like this. But I will tell you why I am saying this. You must have understood by now that a lot of focus and practice is required to become a good runner. Therefore it is important to follow proper running techniques. I have seen that 8 out of 10 runners are in habit of listening music while running.

It would be better if you focus on your running techniques, correct posture and proper breathing. When you start listening music during running you focus gets shifted and you will not be able to practice proper running techniques. Initially you have to work on proper running techniques. Once you feel that you are running properly you may start listening music selectively. But do not do it on roads or places where traffic is available.

There is another reason which is why you should avoid listening music while running i.e. your safety. Please understand that your safety and security is paramount. Running is an outdoor sport and most of the time we are running on roads, parks, sea beaches etc. There are traffic, animals, pot holes etc. which all of us should be careful of. When you put headphones during running sometimes you may not be able to pay attention towards such things which may tend to an injury or accident. I too was addicted to listening music initially during running. However with the time I too understood that it is better to focus on running and to avoid any injury. For last two years I am running without headphones. You may also try this.

Things to remember while running Long Distance

Here I would like to share some of my experiences which I have learnt over the period by going through various informative articles and discussions with experienced runners. If you are planning to run for a long distance you should take care of certain things which will help you a lot. Always keep a water bottle with you if you are going for a run of say more than 45 minutes. During the long run there are phases when you get really tired and feel like leaving it. At such moment you should maintain your composure and keep on running at a slow pace. You will find that within a few minutes you will get your energy back.

Remember, the first few kilometers are the most difficult in a long run. Therefore it is important to maintain your composure during the first 4-5 kilometers. Once you run this much distance you will begin to get in to a rythem. However during running keep an eye on your stamina and if you are finding it really difficult then it is better to stop.

Keep on sipping water, glucose, juice etc during long run. Before going for a long run prepare well for that. Put good sporty attires along with comfortable running shoes. Also take water, fluids, fruits etc. a little before you start to run. Good dressing gives you confidence.

Proper Running Techniques

proper running techniquesRunning is really a fun and you will enjoy it a lot once you start it properly. If you intend to start running please do it properly. Proper running techniques as discussed in the article will surely help you. Apart from following proper running techniques it is also important to have good and healthy diet. Please do not take tobacco and alcohol in any form as it will hamper your stamina and are extremely dangerous for your health. Please remember your body is a temple in which your soul is residing. So it should be the Endeavour of every human being to keep your body fit and healthy and keep on RUNNING…….

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