Blogging As Full Time Career in India – Qualities of Successful Blogger

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2020)

In this article, we would discover the key to become a successful blogger in India. Blogging as a full time career in India, popular blogging platform such as wordpress, blogger, tumblr, success stories of bloggers who are making money online etc. would be the topics for discussion in this article. Here I would tell you how you too could become a successful blogger and what are the qualities required to become a successful blogger. I will also throw light on whether blogging can be opted as full time career in India and at what stage we should take the decision to become a full time blogger. fake luxury watches

Last Updated on –  Apr 28, 2020 @ 6:57 am 

There are various options to earn money online and blogging is one of the most popular and possible option. There are various ways through which one can earn money from blog. This article has been written in Indian perspective only where in my experiences in our country context would be shared.

In our country it is very important to have a secure career so that one would be able to look after his or her family and can lead a decent life. Throughout our student’s life the focus of our parent’s remains that we should be good at study and the objective is should get a good and secure job.

I think all of you must have passed or passing through such phase. Obviously the concern of our parents is valid as they want to see us happy and humming. The purpose of discussing these things is since are groomed like this only, it is tough to decide that such situations whether we should become a full time blogger or is possible to adopt it full time career? Designer replica watches

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Let us discuss it in more detail. When we are talking about blogging as a full time career option it means that one should be able to generate sufficient money from the blog, which is required to run one’s family. This is a fact of life that all of us strive for good career and jobs so that we can lead a decent life.

The dream of every parent in India is that their son or daughter gets a good, safe and secure job after successful completion of the studies. Therefore in such circumstances if you tell your well wishers and parents that you want to become a blogger are every chance that you would be punched ….oops! Boys watch fake

successful blogger qualities

Even if you try to convince them they would not be able to understand what you exactly are resorting to…..

Therefore in my view that country like ours we need to play a little safe. There are many bloggers in India who are earning lacs of rupees every month through blogging but they have also taken the decision of full time blogging very cautiously. Our first focus should to well in our studies and get a good and secure job. At the same time if one wants to adopt blogging as career he or she should on part time basis. Along with your studies and jobs you should devote some time towards blogging also.

The results of blogging start to come after some time. Therefore you should keep on working hard on it with only one thing “patience”. Once you start earning regular and decent income at least at par with your existing job or more than that, you can leave your job and can focus entirely on blogging.

Now let us look at the aspects which are required to become a successful blogger. Let me tell you that although it is quite simple to become a blogger but to become successful one need to really work hard. There are various common qualities which all successful blogger have. I would share with you those qualities which would help you in adopting and practicing it.

Blogging is one of the best career opportunities available now-a-days. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, strong will power and it also requires ability to face failures. There are so many people who start blogging with lot of enthusiasm but over a period when they do not get any return they start losing interest. Every year lacs of new domains are created. Very few domains continue for a long time.

As far as I have learned over a period that to become a successful blogger you need to have patience. You should have ability to work for long period without worrying about result. Do not start a blog just for the sake of money. Start it with a passion and start working on that. If you are sincere in your efforts and doing enough studies and research on blogging you will surely get success and will be able to earn lot of money too. Important attributes and traits of a successful blogger are:

Writing Skills, creativity and presenting your own ideas….

As blogging is all about writing therefore one should have the ability to write well. However writing itself is a skill which anybody can develop, provided one is willing to learn. Even if you are not a great writer you can still develop writing skills by reading good articles and by writing on a regular basis. So to become a successful blogger you need to develop skill of writing articles.

You should be very creative and innovative in your ideas. The purpose of your articles should be to provide in-depth information and analysis on the subject. While writing any article you should always think from the perspective of a reader. You should think how the article can be of maximum benefit for your reader. If you start writing with this very thing in your mind, your reader will also find your article useful and start following it. One more thing, which I would suggest is that never ever copy and paste contents from other blogs. It will only hamper ranking of your blog in the long run. You may refer to various similar articles but always write it only in your own words.

Ability to work on a regular basis for longer durations

As I said blogging requires lot of patience. You need to remain cool without worrying about the success. To become a successful blogger you need to have lot of discipline. By discipline here I mean to say that one should have ability to work in a planned manner on a regular basis. Being regular is very important for successful blogging. Whatever your niche is, you need to remain updated on that and need to keep your followers updated too, because this is why they are looking for you !Once you are regular and posing latest up to date information and articles, the visitors will also develop a trust and start believing in your blog. It is very important to have regular and organic visitors. Such visitors will increase if you are regular in posting articles and quality contents on your blog.

You should also have the ability to work for long duration. The reason is that if you are thinking about making your blog a quality blog you need to do a lot of research on your topics and you need to post articles which provide one stop solutions to your visitors. For such quality work you have to devote lot of time. There is no short cut to success and this rule applies on blogging too. Initially you need to put more efforts. Later on you can relax a bit. As then you may slow down a bit in posting of your articles. But for the first 1-2 years you need to work very hard.

Must have strong will power, belief and passion

To become a successful blogger you must have a very strong will power. At the same time you must have belief in yourselves and passion for blogging. Passion for blogging will develop slowly with the time.

You must be bewildered by the number of traits required to become a successful blogger. Let me tell you my friends that these are common traits and to become successful in any field you have to have such qualities. I have analyzed blogs of various successful bloggers and have also studied their success stories. Based on that, I have figured out these common characteristics which all successful bloggers have in them.

Willingness for learning’s

This is very important. If you want to become a successful blogger, you must have this quality. The willingness for learning will help you go a very long way. Blogging is all about sharing of knowledge with others. You will only gain and enhance knowledge if you have willingness for learning.

Blogging is not like any other routine job where you are working in a mechanical manner. Blogging is an infinite world and those having quest for learning are most likely to succeed. This will help you in many ways as it will not only help in improving your knowledge but over a period your followers will also start believing in you and in your abilities.

I can also share my experience since the time I have started blogging. It is like another student life for me. As a blogger I always looked forward for improving on my knowledge. This has helped me writing better articles, thus cementing the trust of my visitors. But there is still a long way to go.

As my blog is mostly on SEO and Blogging I need to keep myself updated about various aspects of blogging and SEO. This has really helped me as I feel I am a better person now after learning a lot of new things. At the same time I also feel that I am able to do justice with what I am writing. You should also try it, in this way. Read the success stories of successful blogger and you will find all of them have willingness for learning’s.

When we should take a decision to become a full time blogger?

Now the big questions when we should a final decision to become a full time blogger. I have already discussed about it in the article but as today I am updating this post, I feel a need to tell you more on that.

If you are already in a decent job and doing blogging as a part time job, you should see the level of your earnings. You should have at least double the income which you are earning from your salary. You should have also a good saving for sustaining long. It may sound conservative but friends this is my view. You should not indulge in any trouble by leaving your regular income through salary.

Therefore best time to adopt blogging as a full time career when you have a successful blog with you, you are already well versed about blogging, you are earning good income from your blog and you have a strong financial base with you.

However if you are starting blogging from very beginning and do not have any job with you. You can put all your efforts for 2-3 years to adopt blogging as a full time career.

Finally, housewives, retired persons, students, those who are unable to work outside due to some reasons can always strive for adopting blogging as a full time career as they have nothing to lose and they can put lot of time towards it.

Become a Successful Blogger

Therefore you can see what the important characteristics which a successful blogger needs are. So if you are serious about blogging do not think too much. Select the area of your interest and create your blog. Start posting your articles and posts on your blog. You will learn only when you start. Once you will start your blog you will learn many new things and it will develop your interest too. For any help on blogging, feel free to reach me through mail and posts.

Happy blogging!

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