What is Google Maps – Features and Benefits of Google Maps

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2019)

Today I am going to tell you all about Google Maps which is one of the top products of Google. I will tell you What is Google Maps and what are the features and benefits of Maps. After reading this article you will have a very good idea about Maps and you will be able to use it in a more effective manner. 

What is Google Maps?

First let me explain to you in short about Maps. Google Maps is a web based service of Google. It provides information about geographical locations all around the world. Maps has made the world a very small place. It provides road maps, directions to places, street views, real time traffic position, route planning and estimated time to reach any destination through various modes of transport or by foot.

It also provides you photographs, ratings and reviews of places.


what is google maps

Here are the top features of Google Maps


Google Maps can provide you exact directions. It has made life quite simple, now you do not need to ask anyone about how to reach any place. You can simply key in your location and the place where you want to go and you will get distance, estimated time, different routes and live assistance to reach at desired place.

You can also get information and timings about various public transports such as Bus, Metro, Taxi etc. to reach your place.

Explore Nearby Places

If you are new to a place and do not have much idea about the place you can take the help of Maps. It helps you to explore nearby restaurants, attractions, hotels, bars or anything you want to search. If it is available there Google Maps will provide you information about it.

Know About Places

Maps not only tell you about places. It provides you in depth information about any place. You can see pictures and videos of the that place. You can read the review and rating of that place and based on the reviews you can decide whether to go to that place or not. If you want to tell others about that place you can also post pictures, videos, review and rating of that place through Google Local Guide program. 

Other Important Features which you can use on Google Maps

Apart from getting information about a place, checking traffic status, finding best routes, getting directions etc., there are a few more things which you can do on Google Maps such as you can measure the distance between the places, you can share your location and can also share the route with detailed instructions, you can take a printout of map of any area or location, you can simply type about any place in the search box for example restaurants, hotels, hospitals, medical stores, parks, temples etc. and map will provide you details of such places instantly.  You can also become a Local Guide and can contribute towards improvement of Google Maps. You can also check the street view of the places to get the real feel of the place. 

How to use Google Maps?

You can open Google Maps on your computer, phone, or tablet and can search and explore places around the world. You can download Google Maps App on your phone which will be easier and can set your home and work addresses and can explore shortest routes. It is quite simple to use.

You can also download offline maps and can use it if your internet is not working or connectivity is slow.

So this is all about What is Google Maps and about its important features. After reading this article I am sure you must now have a better idea about the Google Maps and you can explore it in a much better way.  

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