WordPress Plugins for Blogs – 5 Important Free Plugins

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2017)

Introduction: In this post I am going to tell you top 5 WordPress plugins for blogs. There are thousands of WordPress plugins. It is not a good idea to put many plugins in your blog. However there are a few plugins which are must for every blog and here I am going to talk about only those plugins.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

These plugins are used by almost every successful WordPress blog so if you are not using them till now you should do it now.

Yoast SEO Plugin – WordPress plugins for blogs

The first plugin which I am going to tell you is a very important one. Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is the best plugin for SEO of your WordPress blog. Even if you do not know anything about SEO with the help of this plugin you can become an SEO expert. You will learn how to write effective blog posts. You will also learn about all basic SEO aspects and will also understand how to implement in your blog.

wordpress plugins for blogs

With the help of this plugin you can optimize your WordPress website without doing any coding. This plugin guides the user in such a simple way that even a novice can understand about SEO without making much of the efforts.

With regular use of this plugin and by following the tips provided in the plugin you can learn how effective SEO friendly articles are written.

So if you have not downloaded the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin till now do not miss it further. You can download the plugin and can set up it very easily. Here are complete details on Yoast SEO plugin set up process.

SEO Optimized Images – WordPress plugins for blogs

This is another plugin which is quite helpful for SEO purpose. Many of us do pay heed towards posts when it comes to SEO but tend to ignore images. Images can also be a great source for bringing in traffic.

With the help of this plugin you can implement SEO friendly alt and title attributes to every image.

The SEO Optimized Images plugin lets you to dynamically insert SEO friendly alt attributes and title attributes to your Images. This plugin does not make any change to your database. If you deactivate the plugin, all your earlier settings will be restored.

All in One WP Security & Firewall – WordPress plugins for blogs

It is very important to protect your website. I have lost one of my blog to hackers. It was a blog in which I had put years of hard work and I lost both my work as well it was a big monetary loss as well. It should not happen to anybody but with so many hackers around it is difficult to protect your blog.

all in one wp security and firewall

Therefore as a blogger we should take utmost protection which we can take. This plugin helps to strengthen the security features of the blog therefore I am recommending. It is also one of the popular plugin with more than 5 lacs install.

This plugin offers a password strength tool, user enumeration, and login protection, making it harder for hackers and viruses to damage your website.

W3 Total Cache – WordPress plugins for blogs

Even a great blog is not successful if it takes lot of time in loading. People do not have time and patience to wait for your web page to open. It should open instantly. Therefore you should make every effort that your blog should load as fast as it can.

w 3 catche plugin

W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin helps to improve the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance. It reduces download times via features like content delivery network (CDN) integration.

Having too much content on your blog such as too many pictures, videos, graphics, animated objects can slow your site speed down.

With the W3 WordPress plugin, you can see how your current website loading speed stacks up and get suggestions on what can be done to make it faster.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) – WordPress plugins for blogs

This plugin keeps your visitors busy and engaged in your other posts. You do not have to make efforts to provide the links of your other posts. The plugin will take care of that and related posts will automatically appear to the visitor.

yet another related post plugin

This creates interest of the visitor towards other posts of the blog and leads people to stay on your webpage longer. Staying long on your website help you to earn more revenue as well as rank of the site also improve in Google.

Conclusion: There are many other useful WordPress plugin which you can put in your blog as per the requirement. But these 5 WordPress plugins for blogs are must for every WordPress blogger. Personally I am not in favor of having too many plugins as it creates problem to manage it. Further a bad plugin can ruin the functionality of your blog. Therefore choose only trusted plugins. Before downloading any plugin always check the rating of the plugin and the number of downloads.

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