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(Last Updated On: August 25, 2017)

In this article I am going to tell you some of the best available online jobs without any investment or very low investment. One can work from home full time or part time without any investment and can earn very decent money.

Many people now-a-days are even working for full time from their home and are earning much more than the people who are in good regular jobs. With the advent of online marketing and many new online concepts, the scope of work from home is increasing day by day. Now there are many avenues from which a person can earn very good money.

But surprisingly not many people are aware about these opportunities. In this post I will focus on some of these opportunities and will tell all of you how one can make full use of these opportunities.

Two things are important. First one is willingness to acquire knowledge and the second in ability to work regularly. Second thing i.e. ability to work regularly is even more important of the two. If you have that skill you will surely get knowledge over the period.

Most of the online jobs or work is not difficult however you must have knowledge of what exactly is required and how to perform that. Now let us discuss about work from home avenues one by one. In the conclusion part I will tell you benefits of these jobs and why they are becoming even more important than the regular jobs.

When you search the web for jobs available for work from home, you will find there are variety of work which is available. I am providing here only 5 such work from home jobs. I am providing you the work or jobs which are quite simple to understand and even students and housewives can also do it without much difficulty.

Each of the work or job which I am mentioning below is having enormous potential. One can choose any of it or can do 2-3 simultaneously. There are many people who are doing such jobs and making millions from their home itself. Anybody can do it provided he or she is ready to acquire knowledge of the chosen category and ready to work regularly.

Earn Money from Blogging: Earning money from blogging is one of the most popular ways of earning money from your home. Despite being a very popular way, the fact remains that very few people are aware of blogging. Those who are aware and have understood the entire mechanism are taking benefit and earning huge money.

To make you understand about blogging the easiest thing is to tell you that blogging is what I am doing. You are reading my article, if my article is interesting, my blog will appeal you and you will like to visit is again.

Blog is a kind of website or web pages normally run by individuals like you and me. A blog is a platform where one can write his or her views in article forms. If your contents are good and your articles are informative and original, slowly your blog start ranking in Google and you will start getting organic visitors. Organic visitor means visitors coming to your blog through search engines.

A major portion of visitors come from search engines only and Google has about 80% market shares.

Major source of earning from a blog can be through Adsense or other alternatives of Adsense. Adsense is obviously the first choice. Adsense is an advertising program of Google.

To become a successful blogger you need to create a blog first. Popular platform are Blogger and WordPress. You can create a blog and can start writing article of your choice. Once your blog is popular you can earn substantial income. One can easily earn Rs. 50000 – Rs. 100000 once a blog is established. Successful bloggers are earning actually much higher income. You need to continuously work hard and improve in the initial phase of blogging.

Anybody can succeed in blogging if he or she knows how to write effective posts. Regularity is very important in blogging.

Affiliate Marketing Jobs: If you are having a blog or website than apart from Adsense, affiliate marketing is another very good and genuine source of income. You can easily become affiliate of big ecommerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. Affiliate marketing program of Amazon is probably the best.

The reason why I am recommending Amazon is that it is the biggest e-commerce website. The range of products and offers are very exhaustive. Therefore chances of conversion to final sales remain high on Amazon.

It also gives very good commission to its affiliates. Amazon is very fair and you can compare it to Adsense.

You can learn how to become affiliate of Amazon. To become affiliate of Amazon or of any other e-commerce website you can register with the respective website. Thereafter you can place the links of the products on your blog or in between your articles. On each sale you will earn attractive income.

Freelancing Jobs: You can become a freelancer in your area of expertise. A freelancer refers to a person who works as a writer, online tutor, SEO expert, web designer, performer, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer. There are many areas in which you can work from home as a freelancer.

You can register yourself to work as a freelancer and can negotiate with the customer. The best thing here is you get rating for your work and if your work is good you will automatically get good ratings which will help you to get more work and leads.

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To become a successful freelancer professional and honest approach is very much required. Do not try to gain lot of money in the beginning. Keep you rates very reasonable and pay full attention towards quality of work. With this kind of approach you can become a very successful freelancer.

As a freelancer you can earn a very good income. It also provides you flexibility to work from home. Since most of the work is online only hence you can do it at any time of your convenience.

Online Content Writing Jobs: These are sort of freelancing lancing jobs itself. But it is important to mention it separately because content writing jobs have become very popular now-a-days and it is important to tell you in details about it.

A content writer or a web content writer specializes in providing relevant content for websites and blogs. Each website has a specific target audience and requires different content.

I have told you about blogging. When a blog or a website become successful and the work is more the blogger need to hire content writers because every time the blogger cannot write articles and posts on his or her own.

There is a lot of work available with good rewards. In fact good content writer are in huge demand. As a content writer your job is to write articles, posts, preparation of study material etc.

To become a successful content writer you need to have good writing skills. Even if you do not have good writing skills in the beginning you can develop it by writing articles regularly. You need to learn how to write effective posts for a blog or website.

You can associate yourself with a few blogs and websites and can write articles for them and get paid. Initially you can register yourself as a freelancer. You can also create your profile on websites like Linked in. You should also join forums and groups on social media website which will help you in creating your presence.

Earn Money from YouTube: This is another very popular and effective method of work from home. You can create your YouTube Channel. To earn income from this mode you need to regularly create videos and upload it on YouTube. Before creating a channel you need to find out your area of expertise on which you want to provide information to your audience.

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YouTube is the biggest video sharing site in the world. It offers a way to earn money from the original videos posted in YouTube. You can create videos of your own on any topic or on your brand product or services. Thereafter you can upload the video on YouTube and can start promotion. You can also join the YouTube partner program.

If it sounds complex to you can read my article How to Earn Money from YouTube to get more clarity.

Work From Home Jobs – Conclusion

So these are the top 5 work from home jobs. There are many other also but since I am writing in Indian perspective I have mentioned only those jobs which can be done without any investment or very low investment. These are the work on which I am having on hand experience and since I have earned lot of money from these online works therefore I am sharing it.

I am not telling about the other online jobs as I have not experienced them. But about these 5, I can assure you that these are very good work from home jobs. I have given only an idea to you as in one article everything about these jobs cannot be covered. You need to further explore each one of it to understand it. Once you will start you will learn new things regularly and will improve. In case of any query you can post your comment and I will respond.

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