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(Last Updated On: October 1, 2017)

Today I am going to tell you about How to write effective and good blog post. Writing good posts is the essence of blogging. When you search the article on how to write a good blog posts you will find a few common tips. Such as write a lengthy post, optimize keywords, focus your keyword, maintain keyword density etc.

Last Updated on –  Oct 1, 2017 @ 7:08 pm 

While these things are vital but writing a good blog post is much more than it. It is about quality of your article. It is about the content and it is about its usefulness to the visitors. As a blogger money or good returns are important for all of us. But if you want to become successful blogger money should always be secondary. Primary should be the passion for blogging and quality of your articles.

Your blog should be a learning centre. Objective should always be to provide quality contents. Do not write posts mechanically to fill in your blog. Rather write the posts with passion and sole objective should be the benefit of the visitor.

Do not worry about the traffic. It will come for sure.

Keep on posting good blog post and article and search engines will have to recognize it.

Today I am going to tell you about writing effective and good blog post, the first lesson is quality itself. Once you have decided that you will write only well researched and quality posts then you should know about SEO. SEO is also very important as it will provide a good presentation of your blog posts before the search engines. It will make your posts more suitable for the search engines.

Before telling you how to write good blog posts, I would like to share how I write my blog posts. Normally I like to provide detailed information to my visitors. Based on the categories of my blog I used to decide topics well in advance. For Example if I am writing an article on Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers or Blogging as a Full Time Career, the first thing I do is to pick the topic about 15 days before I start writing. Normally I choose topics on which I do have good idea but still I do a good research. I also find out what is the information which I should provide to my visitors.

I study from good books on the topic and study from the blogs of successful bloggers and go through the topic. Before writing I make notes in my diary and before start writing I plan a structure for my articles.

I write with sole objective of providing wholesome information to my visitors. I do not care about the length of the article. Most of the time, I end up writing very long articles.

One more thing I would like to share I do not write article in one go. I work on an article for at least one week and once fully satisfied I post it on my blog.

Another thing which I would like to tell you is try to find out new and popular topics. Even if you are writing on common topics try to present your ideas in a new way.

Always write from the perspective of visitors. Always think how it is going to help my visitors. Make your blog posts as useful for your visitors as you can.

So this is my way of writing. However like all of you I am also learning how to write good blog post. It is a continuous process and objective should be to keep on improving. Now let me tell you about some of the essential things which all of us keep in mind while writing blog posts.

Pick up a Topic: The first task for writing a good blog post is to pick up a topic. Do not pick any topic without giving thought on it. You should write posts which are relevant to your blog. Sometimes there are blogs which are not on any specific subject. In such case the posts should be relevant to the categories of the blog. For example this post I will post under the category ‘Blogging’ of my blog.

Select a good and relevant title: Please do some research on it before finalizing the title. Title of the article should be very relevant and attractive. Therefore spend some time on it. Check the titles of the various other similar articles on other good blogs. Choose your topic which not only highly relevant but it should also contain the strongest keyword of the topic.

Organize and Structure your Article: Before writing your article plan well in advance how you are going to structure it. Make some notes in your diary and do some brainstorming. The objective should be to make it very clear in the beginning itself about the article. Provide a gist about the topic in the beginning. This will help the visitor to understand what the topic is all about. You can also use question answer format for the article.

It is important to provide structure of the article in beginning if the article is quite long. The visitor will stay on your blog only if he finds something useful. A good structure will help the visitor immediately to scroll through whatever he or she is looking for. You can see how structure is being provided in a long blog post in this blog post

Do not write Directly on your Blog: Rather than writing directly on blog itself you should write your article in a separate word file. You can also use Google docs for writing your blog posts. I usually use it and it is quite helpful. By using Google docs you can work on your blog posts from anywhere.

google docs is useful

After writing your article, check it again and again until you are fully satisfied. Your grammar and spellings should be absolutely correct. Use Yoast SEO Plug-in which will help you to check the readability of the topic. This helps a lot to write good article. I am also using it and almost all experienced bloggers use it. Once you are satisfied you can publish the post on your blog.  

Write Honestly and provide correct information only: It is very important for good blog post that you provide correct information. Do not bluff your readers. They are as intelligent as we or sometimes even more intelligent than all of us. Provide only accurate and correct information. If you are not aware about anything better not to advise others on it.

Providing correct information will build trust and return visitors will increase.

In my case if you look at the categories of my blog you will find there are very few categories. The reason is that these are the categories on which I have knowledge and interest. Once you know about anything only then it will prompt you to write on it.

What I mean that choose the categories, topics and articles on which you have sound knowledge.

Follow the blogs and articles of successful bloggers: To become a successful blogger it is very important to respect the work of experienced bloggers. We have to follow the tips of such bloggers and need to apply that also.

Blogging is all about learning and sharing. I use to follow the blogs of successful bloggers such as Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agarwal etc. There is no shame in to learn from the experienced and successful people.

We need to respect such bloggers as they are the one who can create many others like them. So follow successful blogs and their articles and learn how they write. You do not need to copy them but you can surely learn the methods practiced by them.

Provide in depth information: In your article or blog post provide in depth information on the topic. Do not just write to create a post and update your blog. When you write, write with the objective that you will not miss anything which is useful for the visitor.

Remember when you write such articles the efforts are immediately recognized by the search engines. Such articles rank on very top of the search engines for most of the relevant keywords.

One example I would like to give you here. I have written an article How to Prepare for NSTSE Exam. When I wrote this article my objective was to provide in depth information on the topic. At the same time I also worked on page SEO and selected only one focus keyword. But you will be surprised to know that after few months the article is ranked for more than 50 relevant keywords. What I want to tell you that when you write a really good article it will be ranked on top for most of the relevant keywords.

Pay heed towards On Page SEO: Till now I have talked about the contents, quality, structure, in depth information, correctness of the information etc. While all this is very important it is also important to a few things which are also very important for search engines. To write good blog posts you need to take care of your on page SEO.

on page seo for good blog post

The on page SEO will help your blog post to get indexed faster and achieve its deserving place. So while writing post you need to take care of these aspects. It is very easy to do on page SEO only thing is you have to keep it in mind while writing posts.

Now let me tell you how you can perform on page SEO for your blog posts. You need to optimize your posts and include various undernoted items while writing post.

Post Title

Keyword density

Focus keyword

Meta description

Alt tags for images

URL structure for the post

Use of H1 H2 headings and so on

Inbound links

Outbound links

In wordpress blogs you can easily follow and do all this through Yoast SEO plug-in. As this plug-in guide you for every step of on page SEO. Even a novice can perform good SEO through this plug-in.

write good blog post with yoast

Pay heed towards Off Page SEO: Also pay attention towards off page SEO by creating backlinks for you blog posts. I have already explained you many times about how to create quality backlinks. So I think there is no need for repetition.

Final words on

How to Write Good Blog Post

Finally I will say again at the cost of repetition that quality contents always stand king. So take care of all the aspects which I have mentioned here but never compromise with the quality of contents.

You do not need to be a scholar, technician or scientist to write good blog post. Anybody who has flair for writing can do it. So next time, when you write a blog post, think about these aspects. And remember when you think you have learned new things do share with it others. Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge.


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